PSN Top Gun
Our equity team utilizes the best ideas of each professional to manage our clients' portfolios, applying an effective balance of quantitative modeling and fundamental, experience-driven research with a disciplined decision process.

The Equity Discipline

Proprietary Quantitative Application
  • Three distinct models provide rankings: Fundamental, Technical, Risk Assessment
  • Models are run concurrently, but scores are not combined
Intensive Qualitative Evaluation
  • Prospective opportunities drawn from top rankings
  • Internally conducted research
    • In-depth fundamental analysis focusing on company specific inputs to evaluate quality of the firm.
    • Macro-economic and industry specific analysis to gauge the long-term viability of each investment opportunity given the current market environment and position in the business cycle.
Team Approach
  • Detailed team discussion
  • Cohesive portfolio viewpoint and positioning
  • Managed to a model portfolio
Portfolio Construction
  • Representation across sector
  • Driven by stock selection
Equity Products
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►   Small-Cap Core
►   All-Cap Core
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