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Multi-Asset Solutions
Our Multi-Asset Solutions team utilizes the best ideas of each professional to manage our clients' portfolios, applying an effective balance of quantitative modeling and fundamental, experience-driven research with a disciplined decision process.

Tactical Allocation

Globally diversified portfolios combining a strategic and tactical mix of asset classes to provide well-diversified allocations. Portfolios are flexible in their allocation to maintain targeted risk profiles.

  • Multi-Asset Class Portfolios
    • Tactical Growth
    • Tactical Defensive
    • Tactical International
    • Sector Rotation
    • Custom Tactical Solutions
    • Mutual fund and Separate Accounts are available

Target Risk

  • Customized solutions for institutional separate accounts
  • Series of target risk model portfolios offered for private clients in SMA format
  • Mutual fund offering targeting a growth-oriented solution

Total Return

  • Mutual fund offering targets a mix of option income, option equity protection, dividend income, and fixed income to offer a return profile that has a low correlation to both equity and fixed income markets
  • Custom SMA Solutions are also available
Multi-Asset Products